Thursday, May 2, 2013

Member Spotlight: Monica Stoch

I was very fortunate to have as my boss and mentor a woman who was part of the UK Women Administrators group that met informally in the mid-1980s.  It was this group of dynamic women that led to the formation of the UK Women’s Forum.  Ten years later, I was proud to serve on the UK Women’s Forum Board.  And I’m proud to be serving again today.

It is so rewarding to be a part of the group of women who devote so much of their energy and abilities to furthering the cause of women’s issues here at UK!  And it is especially meaningful knowing that I am continuing the work of the many women in the past who worked so hard to help improve the status of women at UK. 

Please consider joining us!  So much can be achieved when women share their strengths and efforts and work together on common goals. We’ve made great progress on women’s issues, but we need your energy and abilities to continue to move forward.  Yes, it takes courage to self-nominate.  But don’t hesitate!  GO FOR IT! 

Monica Stoch is the Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services and a UKWF board member.

We are currently accepting self-nominations for the 2013-15 term.  You can find the nomination form here.  Nominations will be accepted through 5 pm May 2nd.  During this period, we will spotlight various board members so you can "meet" some of the amazing UK staff that are part of this group.

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